Renovations, Repairs
and Construction

NORMCO LLC offers a wide range of services in the home improvement industry. We offer a complete renovation and maintenance service for your homes with more than 18 years of experience. We offer you service excellence and valuable advice for the renovation and/or repairs of your home.

We can help you make quick repairs such as walls (partitions), door handles, a ceiling lamp, paint, fences, balconies, cleaning for rental properties or anything related to renovations or complete repairs to the property (bathroom, kitchen, etc.).

We also offer local freight transport and residential household services.

In addition, we are bilingual (english and french).

Services offered

Residential renovation such as (handyman) - Kitchen renovations - Bathroom renovations - Demolition of walls and ceilings - Carpet removal - Painting work - Repair and construction of fences, balcony and terrace - and much more (Residential cleaning and Local freight transport services)

Local transport

- Furniture - appliances (not complete moves) - building materials - motorcycles, and more.

Residential household services

Our cleaning services could be exactly what you’re looking for to make your life a little easier. - dusting - sweepering - cleaning floors - bathrooms - Cleaning after construction

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